Placement Activities

Highlights of Placement Activities

T&P Cell invites the reputed companies to the campus for conducting the campus interview and also for pooled campus. Placement starts in the month of July-August of an academic year and will continue 18 months for the specific batch. Our recruiters include MNCs, Governmental Organizations, Foreign Companies and Small and Medium Scale Industries. Students have been placed in very reputed companies like: NVIDIA, TCS, KPIT Technologies, CGI, Digite, Wipro Technologies, Persistent Systems Limited, L&T InfoTech, IBM, Atlas Copco, BOSCH, Mahindra and Mahindra, Videocon, General Mills, Torrent Power, Siemens, JSW Steel, SECCO Warwick, Bridge Stone, Bombardier Transportations, Cybagae Software Pvt Ltd, Wisdom Lab, ABB, Emerson, Bridgestone, Dmart, Amazon India, Faurecia Interior Systems Pvt. Ltd, etc.

Sr.No. Branch/Year 2022-23 Average Package Maximum Package
Placement Details
1 Computer Engineering 130 5.78 18
2 Electronics and Telecommunication 55 4.77 10
3 Production Engineering 11 3.38 5
4 Civil Engineering 17 4.62 6
5 Mechanical Engineering 147 4.62 9
6 Electrical Engineering 89 4.91 8
7 Chemical Engineering 28 3.37 6
8 Information Technology 64 5.29 13
9 Electronics 26 4.83 7
10 MCA 47 3.82 7.5
11 MBA 12 3.38 4
Total Placements 626    

Interviews - Do’s and Don’ts

An interview is a discussion between you and an employer to find out if you can do the job. It’s your chance to make a good impression. However, there are certain rules you should follow in interviews

General Interview Tips Do's:

  • Dress smartly, look bright and attentive, and speak clearly and confidently. Don't forget that in the first few minutes only 7% of the interviewer's opinion of you is formed by what you say - the rest is judged on how you look, act and sound.
  • Turn off your mobile phone: treat the interviewers with respect and give them your undivided attention.
  • Prepare answers for the main questions - for example, why do you want the job, what are your strengths and weaknesses, what are the main tasks in this job? Make about three or four points in each answer.
  • Before going to an Interview get the Job description through Training and Placement office or through their Website. This helps you to relate your skills and background to the position throughout the interview
  • Clarify questions. Be sure you answered the questions the employer really asked.
  • Conduct yourself professionally. Be aware of what your body language is saying. Smile, make eye contact, don't slouch and maintain composure.
  • Anticipate tough questions. Prepare in advance so you can turn apparent weaknesses into strengths.
  • Listen. This is probably the most important ability of all. Concentrate on the employer's words, and also on the tone and body language, this helps you to understand and how a hiring authority thinks.

General Interview Tips Don'ts:

  • Don't answer vague questions. Rather than answering questions in vague get the employer to be more specific and then respond.
  • Never interrupt the employer don’t not lie and don’t argue.
  • Don’t make answers too long nor answer questions with a simple "yes" or "no." Answer the questions in short whenever possible.

Closing the Interview:

  • After you have finished your questions, you will probably hear a comment similar to, "Well, if you don't have anything else, that should be all for today. Thanks for coming." This is an opportune time to make a strong close by summarizing your qualifications and expressing your interest in the position.
  • If you feel that the interview went well and you would like to take the next step, express your interest to the hiring authority.
  • Do not be discouraged if no definite offer is made or specific salary discussed. The interviewer will probably want to communicate with the office first, or interview other applicants, before making a decision.
  • Make sure you have clarified / answered the following two questions during the interview. "Why are you interested in the company?" and "What can you offer to the company?"
  • Express thanks for the interviewer's time and consideration.