Anti Ragging Committee

Anti-Ragging Committee for the Academic Year: 2023-2024 & 2024-2025

Sr.No. Name of Member Designation Profession Mobile No. Email Id
1 Dr. Sharad S. Dhamal Electrical Department Chairman Teaching 7276730068 [email protected]
2 Dr. Sanjivani S. Munot E & TC Department Secretary Teaching 9823508051 [email protected]
3 Shri. Saurabh R Bendale Journalist,  Divya Marathi Member Journalist 9158627545 [email protected], [email protected]
4 Sr. Police Inspector Adgaon Police Station Member Police 0253-2629837 [email protected]
5 Er. M.D. Pawar Member Civil Engineer - [email protected]
6 Prof. Ramesh R. Khinde E & TC Department Member Teaching 8237022527 [email protected]
7 Prof. Vijay N.  Mawal Chemical Department Member Teaching 9922622113 [email protected]
8 Prof. Suman S.  Kahandal,  Science Dept. Member Teaching 9922025998 [email protected]
9 Mr. Vishal V. Raut Member Student T.E. Electrical 8856885508 [email protected]
10 Mr. Rohit Patil Member Student T.E. E.T.C. 9370643305 [email protected]
11 Mr. Rushikesh B. Gaikwad Member Student T.E. Chemical 8208180983 [email protected]
12 Mr. Atharva K.  Shimpi Member Student T.E, Mechanical 9527033096 [email protected]
13 Mr. Bipin Mahale Member Student T.E, AIDS 9168243686 [email protected]

Anti-Ragging Squad for the Academic Year: 2023-2024 & 2024-2025

Sr.No. Name of Member Departments Mobile No. Email Id
1. Prof. Dr. Satish S. Banait Computer Engineering 9823186611 [email protected]
2. Prof. Ramesh R. Khinde E & T. C. Engineering 8237022527 [email protected]
3. Prof.Dr. Vilas K. Patil Civil Engineering 9422747335 [email protected]
4. Prof. Pawan R. Rahane Mechanical Engg. 8788486820 [email protected]
5. Prof. Sudhir K. Shinde Electrical Engineering 9850066232 [email protected]
6. Prof. Piyush P. Joshi Chemical Engineering 8378933347 [email protected],
7. Prof. Dr. Ganesh B. Dabhade Science Dept. 9421096686, 9860475620 [email protected]
8. Prof. Dr. Anshul A. Jain R & A Department 9422148189 [email protected]
9. Prof. Archana L. Rane MCA 9423969551 [email protected]
10. Prof. V. B. Shisode MBA 9850500602 [email protected]