Prayas Youth Forum

Prayas Youth Forum and Social Research Foundation is a non-profit organization to promote and support educational and development efforts in India.

‘Prayas’ means endeavour. We are making an effort towards bridging the gap between India and Bharat (a widely coined term for rural India) through contributions to different initiatives.

prayas objective
prayas objective
prayas objective

We truly believe that literacy is the key to today’s era. We are working in areas like computer literacy among rural students and villagers. We guide students in their career aspirations through career guidance sessions. We are continuously working in the sector of woman empowerment.

Free health and Dental check-up and treatment camps are organized as part of the program under health improvement in the rural area.

Our activities are managed and monitored through well-defined processes with an emphasis on transparency and accountability. Prayas raises funds through public contributions by commercial organizations as well as by volunteers.

Prayas Youth Forum and Social Research Foundation is registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 under the government of Maharashtra.

Registration Number: MAHA.1245/2010/Pune.

Prayas: Committee Member

Year Head Co- Heads Team Size
2013 Chetan NarkhedeBhushan Patil Prafulla Patil 13
2014 Bhushan PatilPrafulla Patil Prafulla Patil Paresh Patil 28
2015 Prafulla Patil Paresh Patil 66
2016 Paresh Patil Pranjali Mirge Samruddhi Koli Gaurish Gokhale Nagesh Shukla 66
2017 Pranjali Mirge Samruddhi Koli Gaurish Gokhale Nagesh Shukla Shivam Thete Aparna Arbal Shardul Narde 75

Swapnapurti Foundation

About Swapnapurti

Swapnapurti Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organization working for the empowerment of students and youths. The main motto of the Organization is to spread awareness in the society.

This NGO was established by Prof. Sachin P. Kakde & team in 2014 and it's spread across 6 districts so far i.e. Nashik, छ. संभा जी नगर, Jalgaon, Amravati, Pune & Palghar. Around 54,000+ rural students have benefited from various workshops conducted in 13 successful seasons till now. As of today, over 3100+ volunteers are working for the Organization.


To Work Towards Ensuring Better Education And Cleaner Environment In Order To Fulfil The Duty Of Returning Back To The Society.


  • To Provide Quality Career Guidance Through Workshops In Rural, Remote Areas.
  • To Work Towards Reducing River Pollution.
  • To Impart Skills In Our Volunteers Which Will Help Them In Their Careers.
  • To Spread Awareness About Various Social Issues