Date: 5/5/2022

KAPILA (Kalam Program for IP Literacy and Awareness)

KAPILA is a scheme that provides financial assistance to the institutions that are part of the Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) for filing the patent.

KAPILA: Kalam Program for IP Literacy and Awareness’, which will create appropriate awareness regarding the need of IP filing, mechanism, and methodology involved in filing IP in India and globally, especially amongst students and faculty of higher education institutions.


The KAPILA Committee members are as below

Sr. No. Designation Name Of Member Institute/Company name Email Address
1 Chairperson - Faculty Member having IP background knowledge Dr. D.M.Chandwadkar K. K. Wagh IEER, Nashik [email protected]
2 Industry expert- Associate Vice President, e-mobility Mr. Tejas Kshtriya KPIT, Pune [email protected]
3 Alumni expert-Technical Manager Mrs. Mayura Madane EATON, Nashik [email protected]
4 Legal Advisor/IPR expert- CEO Mr. Abhijit Bhand Kanadlab Institute of IP and Research, Nashik [email protected]
5 Faculty Member Dr. S. M.Kamlapur K. K. Wagh IEER, Nashik [email protected]
6 Faculty Member (Convenor and Single Point of Contact) Dr. Sunita A. Patil K. K. Wagh IEER, Nashik [email protected]