IET Karmaveer Expo 2023


The Department of Electrical Engineering of K K Wagh Institute of Engineering Education and Research has organized IET Karmaveer Expo 2023 on 29th April 2023. The event flyer, prize amount, and other details are given below. The event was inaugurated with the hands of Hon. Shri. Mukul Srivastava, President, Power Division, Compton Greaves Ltd. Nashik in the presence of Hon. Chairman Shri. Sameer Wagh, Trustee Hon. Shri. Ashokbhai Merchant, Principal Dr. K. N. Nandurkar, and project evaluators Dr. Omprakash Kulkarni, Mr. John Yeshuraj, and Shri Piyush Shinde. During the inauguration, Shri. Mukul informed students that the IET Karmaveer Expo is the platform for the promotion of start-ups and entrepreneurial culture in the students. Dr. Nandurkar presented the achievements of the institute. Dr. Omprakash Kulkarni guided the student participants through the assessment criteria of the project evaluation. Dr. Kushare provided an overview of the whole event. After the inauguration, the project exhibition was opened for all the visitors.

The prize distribution ceremony of the IET Karmaveer Expo concluded on the same day (29 April 2023) at 5 PM. Hon. Mr. Dhananjay Joshi working as a Deputy General Manager in Mahindra & Mahindra Company was the chief guest, while Dr. Omprakash Kulkarni, Mr. John Yeshuraj, Shri Piyush Shinde were examiners of the event. Chief Guest, Principal Dr. K. N. Nandurkar, Head of Department, Dr. B. E, Kushare, distributed the prize. Mr. Dhananjay Joshi guided students in implementing the ideas in the form of a project. While doing this one should consider what exactly the idea is and its practical application. Only then we will be able to move towards sustainable solutions. While expressing the opinion of the examiners at the representative level, Dr. Omprakash Kulkarni told all the students participating in the IET Karmaveer Expo, should contribute to fulfilling the dream of our honorable Prime Minister in the form of ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’. Dr. Keshav Nandurkar congratulated all the students and wished them all the best for the future. At the same time, the students who participated in the competition were assured of the necessary cooperation for intellectual property rights (IPR). Dr. B. E. Kushare announced the next year's IET Karmaveer Expo and said that next year this expo will be divided into three sections. Section A will have Electrical, Electronics and Telecommunication, Computer, and IT branches, Section B will have Civil, Mechanical and Chemical branches and Section C will invite the contestants who have won awards and patents at national and international level. The entire program was organized by Dr. Ravindra Munje and Dr. Sharad Dhamal. Hon. Shri. Sameer Wagh, Chairman of K K Wagh Education Society, Shri. Ashokbhai Merchant, Trustee, and Prof. K. S. Bandi, Secretary congratulated all the contestants. Student Participation in National Level Project Competition.

Students Participated from Nashik Students Participated from Maharashtra Students Participated from Other States Total
221 27 06 256

The total no of students who participated in the Poster Competition was 21. The total no of students participated in Photography Competition was 6. The results of this competition are as follows:

National Project Competition:–

First Prize:– Was awarded to the project, ‘LoRa-based vehicle speed and location tracking system to reduce accidents on urban and highway roads’. This project was presented by students Shoaib Killedar, Pranav Hemadri, Tanisha Patil, and Rashmi Hitemath from Basaveshwar College of Engineering, Bagalkot, Karnataka.

Second prize:– Was awarded to the project, ‘Foot Mouse’. This project was presented by Somnath Ramteke, Mayur Depura, Yojana Mahajan, and Purva Patil from S. S. B. T. College of Engineering, Jalgaon, Maharashtra.

Third Prize:– Was awarded to this project, ‘Design of vacuum seed drill for agricultural purpose’. This project was presented by students Shreyash Prayag, Vishal Bagul, Naresh Shinde, and Swapnil Suryavanshi from K K Wagh College of Engineering, Nashik, Maharashtra.

Poster Competition:–

First Prize:– Rishikesh Rehare, K K Wagh College of Engineering, Nashik

Second prize:– Shraddha Kutuhal, Sandeep University, Nashik.

Third Prize:– Nayan Tayde, Shramsadhana College of Engineering, Jalgaon.

Photography Contest:–

First Prize:– Prasad Bhojane, K K Wagh College of Engineering, Nashik.

Second prize:– Krishna Sarode, HIL College of Science and Commerce, Nashik

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