FORCE 2023


Department of Civil Engineering organized a National Level Technical Symposium FORCE 2023 on 29th April 2023, which comprised of 04 Technical events, and 03 Non-technical events, which included Bricks Cad, Quiz, Surveying, Fancy Buoyancy , Fun Games: Snap Hunt, Roadies, and Tug of war. These events are exclusively based on Civil Engineering related knowledge & activities. Every year FORCE creates awareness on Social Issues. The theme of the event, "Restoration of Heritage Structure," aims to create awareness among people about the importance of preserving and restoring historical buildings, monuments, and other structures. It is essential to recognize the cultural, historical, and architectural significance of these structures and to take appropriate measures to protect them from decay, neglect, and destruction. Preserving heritage structures also helps to maintain the connection between the past, present, and future, providing a glimpse into the lives and cultures of previous generations.

It allows us to learn about our history and identity, and provides a sense of continuity and pride in our cultural heritage. Through this event, people are awared about the various techniques and approaches used in the restoration of heritage structures, such as the use of traditional materials and techniques, as well as modern technologies. It also encourages people to participate in the preservation and restoration of heritage structures in their communities. The technical event commenced with the inauguration ceremony, where the Chief Guest, Er. Rajesh More, Superintending Engineer, CDO, MERI, WRD Nashik, graced the occasion with his presence. He was accompanied by the Principal, Dr. K.N. Nandurkar, Head of Department, Dr. Pradip D. Jadhao, and all the staff members of the department. The event was officially inaugurated by the Chief Guest. The event saw an overwhelming response from students, with around 400 participants traveling from farthest corners of India to attend it.

The students were excited to participate in the technical event, which had various competitions and workshops lined up for them. Throughout the event, participants got a chance to showcase their technical skills and knowledge in various domains. The event had a plethora of activities that challenged the students' technical abilities, encouraging them to explore and learn more. The technical event was a grand success, with the participants gaining a lot of knowledge and experience, and the organizers receiving positive feedback from everyone involved. It was a great platform for students to interact with industry professionals, learn new skills, and showcase their talents.

Sr.No. Name of Event No. of Participants Description of Event Judge of Event
1 Bricks Cad 19 In this event, the participant is provided drawing object on the spot and they have to reproduce it using  Auto CAD software in limited time. Dr. Sudarshan Vhatkar Prof.  Snehal Chaudhari
2 Surveying 23 In this event, the participant has to carry out Fly leveling, find the height of building using Tachometry and close Traverse with Chain and tape. Prof.  Mrunal Khule Prof.  Akanksha Pisolkar
5 Fancy  Buoyancy 08 In this event, the participant has to bring a ship like model made of any material with previously specified dimensions, which can carry stationary weight while floating on water. Prof.  Anup Dudhekar Prof.  Nilesh Ahire
8 Quiz Competition 58 In this event, the participant’s General Knowledge is tested in various rounds of Quiz. Prof. Sunila Gadi Prof. Neha V. Sonawane
10 Snap Hunt 10 In this event, the participant has to take a best video/Photographs in campus and has to submit soft copy. Prof. Jagruti Nikam
12 Fun Games 280 In this, the participants take part in various games such as Tug of War and Roadies. Dr. Pravin Avhad
  Total 398    

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