This is Samruddha Wavikar, a Final year student from B. Pharmacy at K. K. Wagh College of Pharmacy, Nashik. It’s great to be a part of this institution as K K Wagh is one of the oldest education societies in Nashik and is known for its best quality of education and infrastructure too. I really feel great studying at K. K. Wagh College of Pharmacy. Being in final year now has opened the windows of all departments for us. All our labs are well equipped with the latest technology. Our college provides us with a great quality lab ware. We have a fantastic central instrumentation lab as well as a machine room. We not only have such well maintained labs but also a quality and trained faculty to help us with our practical and theoretical knowledge.

Our staff possesses a quality of industriousness which has reflected on my results. In such a lockdown condition, all the faculties taught us online on various platforms and have successfully completed our syllabus and concepts. All internal assessments and exams were carried out wonderfully on Enterprise Resource System briefly called as ERP in an interactive way. Not only proceeding with our exams college has planned some informative webinar sessions. I am really thankful to the management, our Principal and our staff for always being cooperative with us. Last but not the least K. K. Wagh College of Pharmacy is a place where you can find the amalgamation of learning, fun, culture, literature, and many such life preaching activities. Proud to be a K K Wagh Student.

Samruddha WavikarFinal Year B. Pharm.
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