Innovation Centre and Idea Lab

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K K Wagh Institute of Engineering Education and Research, Nashik

The Innovation Centre is a place to foster, spread, and develop partnerships within an organisation as well as future career prospects.

  • Discover or create innovative technology solutions for industries,
  • Solve societal problems,
  • Promote creative thinking and problem-solving approach in students,
  • Encourage entrepreneurship development and start-ups,
  • Attain self-sufficiency in the near future.

K K Wagh Institute of Engineering Education and Research, Nashik was the only institution selected for the AICTE-IDEA lab program under Savitribai Phule Pune University

Numerous areas of focus are determined under this lab.

Lab 1

VLSI and Embedded systems and advanced communication

Lab 2

Machine Learning, the Internet of Things, Blockchain Technologies, and Cybersecurity

Lab 3


Lab 4

Process Intensification and Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials

Lab 5

Sustainable structures

Lab 6

Autonomous Vehicle

Lab 7

Mechatronics, Industry 4.0 and Robotics

Lab 8

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence

Lab 9

E-Mobility and Electrical Transportation

In addition to these labs, it also has Ideation Room, R&D Office, ED Cell, IPR Office, and Conference cum discussion room, waiting room, panel room, server room, and record room.

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All types of equipment are available in the AICTE-IDEA Lab to turn a project idea into a functional prototype.

The major equipment includes
  • CNC Router
  • Power Tools
  • Electrical
  • 3-D printer
  • 3-D scanner
  • Laser Cutter
  • PCB Milling Machine
  • Lathe cum Milling Machine
  • Mechanical and Network Tools
  • Soldering and De-Soldering Stations
  • CNC Router
  • Power Tools


Students will be taught 21st-century skills as part of this effort, teachers will be trained in the teaching-learning process, research, and projects, and students will be encouraged to participate in projects and internships. By utilizing the resources provided in the AICTE-IDEA Lab, students will gain practical industrial experience.

Operation and Utilization

The AICTE-IDEA Lab is open from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, however, it can be made available at other times based on the requirements of the user and the necessity of a project.

Atal Community Innovation Centre

K K Wagh Polytechnic, Nashik had submitted the Atal Community Innovation Centre (ATAL-2019) proposal to Atal Innovation Mission (AIM) New Delhi. Atal Community Innovation Centre (ACIC), a new initiative under Atal Innovation Mission (AIM), is directed to encourage the spirit of innovation through solution-driven design thinking to serve society.

The objective of this project is to offer an opportunity for everyone to innovate, ideate and design impactful solutions, irrespective of their age. The project also offers a community-oriented approach to innovation by enabling solutions through advanced tinkering. It also nurtures researchers and innovators to ideate solutions in areas of societal importance.

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