K K Wagh Blood Donation (Since 1995)

Blood Donation

K K Wagh Polytechnic, Nashik organized a social activity- Blood Donation Camp. For this activity, Hon. Ajinkya Wagh, Hon.K. N. Nandurkar (Principal-KKWIEER), Prof. P. T. Kadave (Principal-KKWPN), Prof. M. B. Jhade (Principal-KKWWPN), Hon.V. R. Khapali (Principal-KKWPC) visited the Blood Donation Camp and gave best wishes to the organizers and blood donors. Sandarbh Seva Ruganalaya Blood Bank, Nashik cooperated with this activity. Hon. Purushottom Puri and his entire team supported the smooth conduction of Blood Donation Camp. Different students, faculty and staff members actively participated in this social activity and donated blood.

Blood Donation Camp at K K Wagh Senior College, Saraswatinagar, Nashik

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K K Wagh Universal School, Bhausahebnagar

On 9th October 2019, the Blood Donation Camp was organized on the campus on the occasion of the Golden Jubilee Year of the K K Wagh Education Society. Hon. Smt. Shakuntalatai Wagh and the Principals of all three schools were present for the camp.

K K Wagh English School, Saraswati Nagar, Nashik

Blood donation service is the best social service to humanity. It is a very noble cause, as by donating blood, one gets the opportunity to save someone’s life.

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