What are your roles and responsibilities?To provide them an environment where even an average student can grow” According to me, apart from being a tutor, it is equally important to drive the responsibility of building trust with students if you want to establish a healthy connection. My main accountabilities include understanding their weaknesses because only after knowing their high and low points, I can categorize them in the perspective of their capabilities. And once it is done, I prioritize the concept of “better less but deeper” which will ultimately make their concepts better.

What keeps you connected with the education sector and how has your experience been so far with the institute? “Urge to enhance my knowledge through challenges which this field offers” The experience is great. It’s like I am living my dream every moment. The education sector has its own challenges which keep you striving for the best. You need to generate a hunger to upskill, to learn current trends. I believe in the individualization of education and exchange of experience and these are the two things that keep me connected with the teaching-learning process.

Dr. Rakesh D. AmrutkarAssociate Professor and Head Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
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